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We are Advocates for a Healthy Environment. It's Important. It's Possible. It's Essential.
"We Inspire Environmental Stewardship"

We Connect Kids to Nature through educational programs and the arts,
empowering them to find their voices to steward the earth and change the world.

We're advocates for healthy habitats for both people and wildlife.

Our vision is to see the world living in harmony with nature.

Nature Stewards is a Program of the Weed Warriors, a WA State Charitable Organization, 501(c)3 Designation

- Announcing our New Program for 2018 -

“Making Burien Awesome” Inspires Residents ot Plant Trees
and Establish Backyard Wildlife Habitats to Address Climate Change

“Get Your Earth On! ” Join us at the Burien Community Center for a series of workshops

We invite the public to participate in the education workshops, habitat restoration work parties that  provide information on the local impacts of climate change.  March events take place in the Burien Community Center, Shorewood Room. 14700 6th Ave SW, Burien, WA 98166

March 17, Saturday
1:00 - 3:00 PM       Climate Change, Carbon Pollution
- Where we are Globally and What We Can Do About It Locally -  Yes, Planting Trees Really Does Make a Difference!
                                       Co-Host TBA from Together for Climate and Plant for the Planet

Learn about carbon sequestration happening in your own backyard, how to use a carbon calculator, and determine what native trees work best for your yard.  The event also includes a snapshot of where we are now and what's happening globally and locally to reduce carbon pollution. 

March 24, Saturday
1:00 - 3:00 PM       How to Establish a Backyard Wildlife Habitat using Native Trees and Plants
-  A Focus on Plants that Support and Attract Birds and Pollinators
                                       Co-Host is National Wildlife Federation Habitat Educator, Anna Lindstrom

Learn about the 4 elements that attract wildlife to your yard and why urban wildlife habitats are important. Help Burien become a Wildlife Habitat Community.

March 31, Saturday
1:00 - 3:00 PM       Backyard Wildlife Habitats Combined with Sustainable Garden Practices

                                       Co-Host is Taryn Koerker, A Founder of the New Start Community Garden in Burien

Learn about Sustainable Gardening Practices to attract wildlife and live in harmony with nature.
Great tips on edible native plants for your yard or wildlife habitat.  

April 14, Saturday
10:00 - 11:30 AM - Native plants in a changing climate. Natural Yard Care, Incorporating Drought Tolerant Plants in Your Garden and Landscaping

Native plants are beautiful, foster wildlife, attract local pollinators, and are easy to maintain because they are adapted to our climate. However, as our summers grow longer, our days warmer, and as winter showers become more intense, our native plants need some extra TLC. Join us as we discuss how to select hardy native plants for your yard, as well as gardening practices to help our natives thrive.

April 16- 22 - April Wildlife Week in Burien - Events and Activities around Burien - To Be Announced

April 20, Friday
2:00 - 4:00 PM - Join the City of Burien in Planting a the Annual, Celebratory Earth Day Tree. 

This year a PNW native, the Vine Maple, is in the running as the tree candidate - one of the best on the carbon calculator chart for sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.  There's no other Vine Maples in the Park so this would be the first. This is a very long-lived and beautiful tree. Also a great candidate if your attracting birds and pollinators to your yard. 

May 3rd and May 10th, Thursdays
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM  -  "Tree Give-a-Way" event at the Thursday Burien Farmer's Marke

Look for our booth at the Market.

We'll host host restoration and tree planting events in Burien during Spring and Fall as weather allows.

This program is funded by the Port of Seattle's Airport Community Ecology small grants fund, “ACE,” in partnership with the City of Burien and the National Wildlife Federation.

Keeping you up to date – As we set the time-table and schedule the activities for the program, we'll make updates to the program page .

1.  Learn about the effects of carbon emissions on the planet
2.  How to a establish a wildlife habitat in backyards or on apartment balconies
3.  Take part in a restoration or tree planting events

Keeping you up to date  - As we set the time-table and schedule the activities for the program, we'll make updates to the Nature Stewards Program page located at our new, mobile frinedly website. Check out our other Nature Stewards programs.

Weed Warriors will use grant funds to host three habitat restoration work parties in Burien parks, coordinate a public forum at the Library and provide information on the local impacts of climate change at community events.


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Together We Make an Impact!

With Your Support and Involvement,
Youngsters plant trees and get up close to nature.
Students learn about the Life Cycle of the Pacific Northwest Salmon
and how to garden for wildlife, like birds and pollinators.
You also make possible Habitat Restoration projects in Public Parks, Trails and Open Spaces.
Youths Fulfill School Community Service Requirements needed for Graduation.

Thank You to all of our wonderful donors who support the Nature Stewards Program!

Our Programs
Up-Coming Events and Projects

Your donation makes our educational Nature Stewards program possible.
With your generosity, we'll continue to provide the quality environmental programming
the community deserves and needs. Thank You!

The Nature Stewards is an educational program of the Weed Warriors, WA State Non-Profit Charitable Organization
under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
Weed Warriors, Nature Stewards Program is registered with the Washington State's Charities Program, www.sos.wa.gov/charities .

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Volunteer & Community Service Opportunities: 2017 Calendar Volunteer Information HERE
Sign-up for community service hours - Call Grace Stiller, 425.228.7927
Or email GraceStiller or Weed Warriors, Nature Stewards Program

Nature Stewards of all ages restore a healthy balance to the environment by removing invasive weeds
and creating wildlife habitats using native plants.