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Lake Boren Park Restoration Project
March 10, 2012

Connor, who is a Senior at the International School in Bellevue, lead this environmental restoration project at Lake Boren Park at part of his Senior Project. His project focuses on the negative impact of invasive plants on our ecosystem, ways to restore a healthy balance to the local habitat, and the need for citizen involvement. "Thanks," Connor and Weed Warriors!

This is the progress to date on the invasive blackberry patch.

Below is what the area should look like with native ferns and salal plants.

We found this patch of native Western Sword Fern in the May Creek Open Space.
Unfortunately, invasive plants are present in many areas of the Open Space.

All who enjoy the amenities of our parks, trails and open spaces are the beneficiaries of these volunteer restoration projects, and are welcome to participate in future projects with the Weed Warriors
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