Newcastle Weed Warriors


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Boren Park Resoration Project
October 23rd, 2010

Weed Warriors Battle Invasive Weeds
at the Lake Boren Restoration Project

Creeping buttercup patch - click for larger imageBull Thistle, Cirsium Vulgare, pictured on the left,
and Creeping Buttercup
, Ranunculus Repens, on the right.

The bull thistle, with its nasty spines, requires thick leather gloves for removal.
The pretty little buttercup is not so pretty when you know it's invasive tendency. The creeping buttercup forms dense root masses and quickly overtakes native plants that don't grow at the same rate. Creeping buttercup's competitive growth crowds out other plants, especially in wet soils, like the soil near Lake Boren. One plant can spread over a 40 square foot area in a year. Creeping buttercup also depletes potassium in the soil which has a detrimental effect on surrounding plants.

The weeding was tedious work, but the the Weed Warriors won the battle,
taking the restoration site from the bull thistle and encroaching buttercup
"Way to Go, Weed Warriors!"