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Blackberry Removal & Habitat Restoration
Himalayan Blackberry Removal & Restoration
Rubus armeniacus (syn. Rubus discolor)

by Eagle Scout Candidate Peter Delbrueck and Bellevue Scout Troop #626

Himalayan blackberry, a non-native invasive species, is now on the Washington State and
King County Noxious Weed List. Throughout King County, control is recommended, especially in protected wilderness areas and in natural lands that are being restored to native vegetation.

Peter's Project, which spanned over four months in collaboration with the Weed Warriors and Newcastle's Arborist, Aaron Milner, included the removal of dense thickets of invasive blackberries that had displaced the native vegetation at Lake Boren Park, and a follow-up restoration planting of 500 native tress, bushes, rushes and ferns to stabilize the habitat ecosystem.
Thank you, Peter and Scouts, for your environmental stewardship!