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Hazelwood Park Blackberry & Ivy Removal
June 11th &12th, 2011
Weed Warriors removed Himalayan Blackberries and English Ivy and Bindweed.

Ivy is an aggressive growing vine that climbs trees. Bindweed, also an aggressive vine, strangles as it tightly winds around the stems of other plants. Weed Warriors
freed a small Western Cedar tree completely covered with the bindweed!

Seeds from blackberries remain viable in the soil for several years,
so the restoration site in Hazelwood Park needs constant monitoring.
This is why battling invasives can be challenging and perseverance is important.

Hazelwood Park, 7.2 acres, has trails throughout, a wetland boardwalk, and views to
the Newcastle Golf Course, Cougar Mountain, and Seattle in the winter when the leaves are off the trees. Three information kiosks highlight some of the unique features
in this park. Thanks, Weed Warriors, for taking care of Hazelwood Park!