Newcastle Weed Warriors


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Ivy Removal in May Creek Open Space
March 31, 2012


The Weed Warriors gained ground battling the invasive ivy, despite the wet weather and muddy conditions.
"Thanks, Weed Warriors!"


Help Save the Trees!
Did You Know?

• Trees lower urban temperature by about 3°C
• Trees provide natural habitat for birds and other wildlife
• Tree leaves give off oxygen in the process of photosynthesis
• 1 tree absorbs 48 lbs of carbon dioxide from the air in 1 year
• 1 tree collects 2380 gallons of rainfall a year reducing runoff & flooding


All who enjoy the amenities of our parks, trails and open spaces are the beneficiaries of these volunteer restoration projects and are welcome to participate in future projects with the Weed Warriors.
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Student earn Community Service hours required by schools.