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Our Mission is to Inspire Environmental Stewardship and Connect People to Nature.

Our charitable community service projects relieve the burden of government and improve the aesthetic, recreational, and economic value of public parks, trails, and open spaces. Our educational programming, art and service projects empower youths find their voices to steward the earth and change the world.

Our Programs include Education - Community Service - Habitat Restoration - Advocacy - Workshops
There's something for every volunteer, area of interest, and level of commitment!
We invite all ages to participate.
Student and adult volunteers participate in projects that positively affect the environmental health of their local neighborhoods and public areas.
  • "Climate Outloud" Panel Discussions about Climate Change
    Climate Outloud is a facilitated discussion about climate and what the youths and local organizations
    are doing to secure a livable future. This program is currently in partnership with King County Library System, in the "Everybody's Talking About It" series. "When everybody’s talking about it we can make a difference." We're discussing the youth's court case against the federal government for not securing their future on a livable planet with reasonable carbon reduction targets.
    This short video is about youth Earth Guardians.
  • "Up-Cycling Native Plants" Stewards Rescue Native Plants
    Volunteers rescue plants from demolition in areas slated for development, transplanting to parks and backyard habitats. Many beautiful native plants can be up-cycled to our nursery and used in our "Boots on the Ground" restoration, Rain Garden projects, and fundraisers. More about this program is coming soon.
  • "Eat Your Garden" Explores Sustainable Gardening Practices
    Participants learn about healthy garden environments that are beneficial to humans and wildlife, and experience hands-on activities and techniques for sustainable gardening. Our Sustainable Gardening workshops include topics like incorporating edible natives in your veggie and flower garden, using organic fertilizers, composting and worm bins. Participants have the opportunity to volunteer at local community gardens. They learn skills and principles that are relevant and can be used throughout their lives as environmental stewards and sustainable gardeners.
    Eat Your Garden Program in Burien will begin again in the Spring of 2018. There is an orientation which includes the "Get to Know Each Other Social and the Garden Rules. Address: 427 SW 144th Street, Burien 98166. The Nature Stewards gardeners will meet every first Saturday of the month at 10 AM at the Garden plot throughout May - September. Gloves provided. Waterers will be selected to to steward the garden plot during the summer. if interested in the duties and the bounties, contact Grace Stiller.
  • "Celebrate Earth Day" Provides Activities and Education for a Sustainable Planet

    Nature Stewards Celebrated Earth Day 2017 with the City of Newcastle at a Newcastle Residence - Open to the Public.
    This yard party was hosted by the Nature Stewards Program at the VonRanker's Native Wildlife Habitat in Newcastle, WA.
    Past events have been a full day of celebration with workshops and networking opportunities where other environmental non-profits and "green," eco-friendly businesses share their environmental sustainable practices and products. Activities include tree planting, art activities for kids, worm bin workshops and other various topics related to the environment.

  • "Boots on the Ground" Encourages Environmental Stewardship
    This program encourages and facilitates volunteer stewardship of public places. Youth and adult Weed Warrior volunteers have the opportunity to get their gloves dirty and make a difference in their local parks and public places. Stabilized weed infestations are often large and economically unfeasible for cities and communities to control successfully without assistance from non-profit organizations like the Nature Stewards. Projects include invasive weed assessment, removal, and habitat restoration using native species plants and trees that stabilize the environment after the invasive weeds are removed.
  • "Arbor Day Tree Planting" Encourages Environmental Stewardship
    Participants learn how to correctly plant a tree, facts about native trees and their function in the ecosystem. This is an opportunity for kids to give back to their community and help the environment. The event takes place in a public park or open space.
  • "Knights of the Living Forest" Develops Advocacy for Causes in Support of the Natural landscape and Wildlife
    Participants learn about chivalry as it pertains to the environment. The program empowers today's youths who are tomorrow’s citizens, civic leaders, to become environmental stewards and to stand up for a sustainable, healthy environment. We encourage everyone to get involved, help shape the environmental health of their public places. Participants experience activities in their local community while learning what it means to be an environmental steward.

  • "Get Your Earth On!" Engages and Connects Kids to the Natural Environment
    Youths of all ages experience fun, learning activities in the classroom and out of doors. Participants discover how a wetland works, where storm water goes, what lives below the water in Puget Sound, the life cycle of the salmon, native plants and noxious weeds, and more.... Activities include learning about the life cycle of the Pacific Northwest Salmon, gardening, building a butterfly or bird habitat, learning about electric vehicles, having fun with crafts, art, music, and theater.
  • "Earth Heroes" Awards Students for their Earth Friendly Classroom Activities
    We host award ceremonies for students of elementary schools. Today's youths are tomorrow's leaders and environmental stewards. A connection to the environment while young helps youths shape positive engagement in their adult lives.
  • "Living in Harmony with Nature" Encourages the Use of Native Plants in Landscapes to Support Wildlife.
    See our past projects here

  • "Discover Art in Nature" Connects Kids to the Nature through Art and Culture Activities
    Students discover the connection between art and nature with engaging activities in the classroom that inspire environmental stewardship and an appreciation for nature. Activities include various art and culture workshops ranging from crafts, collage, theater, music and video.